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Stem Distribution Limited Womens Shorts OXFORD / 23 One Teaspoon | Mid Waist Bandits - Oxford Sale

The name of this new label came during a morning coffee stop. I was sitting in a little café getting a plan together for the launch. I was tipping a packet of sugar into my coffee and the side of the satchel I read “OneTeaspoon”. It was only a small idea that got me to that point in the first place so it seemed fitting. I was excited about the name straightaway and got OneTeaspoon registered that day.

The fact I had no money didn’t stop me. I worked three jobs and scrounged together $3,000 to get that first collection designed, made, photographed and sold. The hard work paid off, 42 stores picked up the line.

 Since then I’ve designed around 90 collections for OneTeaspoon. It continues to be a lot of fun and I’ve learnt a lot about myself. Like, I’m a tragic for denim shorts, I can’t resist a good top hat and I can never go past a good tuxedo shirt. Oh, and I can’t seem to resist ripping stuff up. I love evolving and doing things differently each season to see the unique results it brings.