Soft, feminine and luxurious to wear, fur has been a status symbol throughout history. H Brand brings this enduring tradition to your wardrobe with statement pieces that are designed for comfort and everyday wear, while exuding opulence. Founded by Australian sisters, Kate Strahorn and Edwina Horseman in 2011, H Brand furs are created by highly-skilled artisans, with hand-knitted tailoring, leather inserts and directional weaves. H Brand is for the modern woman who wants a bit of luxury in her life. Pair it with faded jeans to pop to the shops or diamonds and silk for a night of glamour. How would you wear it?

H Brand | Aiden Jacket-Black
H Brand | Aiden Jacket-Black | FREE SHIPPING NZ WIDE Shearling coat with lining and hook/eye...
$1,221.00 NZD
H Brand | Celine Vest Thunder
H Brand | Celine Vest Thunder (chalk colourway pictured) Hand knitted rabbit fur vest with...
$560.00 NZD