Behind the concept of Sisters Swap

Posted by Rodelle Payne on

As women we all love fashion and, if anyone is like me, there is nothing that gets my heart racing as much as new season. But, the flip side of that is the waste and piling up of old season’s garments that are still beautiful and too precious to throw away.

This issue has being plaguing myself and customers for a long time so during a business course where we were looking at the issues facing our businesses and clients this issue keep on coming up. Another issue was the fact that the fashion industry is one of the biggest environmental polluters in the world. From the chemicals and fibres used to make and dye fabrics to the manufacturing, packaging, shipping and garment care – then the discarding of fashion this has turned into a massive strain on our beautiful planet.

This is how the idea of Sisters Swap came about. The products we sell at Sisters & Co are premium brands made with beautiful fabrics and care. It isn’t fast, throw-away fashion and for me, walking past my wardrobe bursting full of beautiful garments not worn, was soul destroying and I constantly was thinking how can we fix this.

So here is the solution, which is great for your wardrobe, the environment and the community. Anything brought from Sisters & Co ONLY can be brought in (if in good condition) and then swapped for credit on your Sisters & Co account –we only keep 15% for an admin fee, 10% (or the full amount) goes to Homes of Hope and the rest goes on as credit on your Sisters account.

It was only originally going to be back an online project but the response has been overwhelming and it now has a physical store so that customers can come and look and feel and touch the garments. 

My goal is for it to get it to such a size that we are able to donate a considerable amount to Homes of Hope to make a difference to this amazing charity.