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Punky Pastels- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

October 17, 2014

Punky Pastels-  Hit by Cover Love My penchant for pastels has been reinvigorated by the latest cover of British Vogue for November. Taylor Swift shows how pastels can be edgy.  Donning a pink leather bomber over a baby blue vest in a chunky knit, the contrast of pretty colours in rich, heavy forms make for a spectacular look. Taylor is ravishing with her punky hair do- the long limbs and to-die-for legs help too. I haven't been the biggest fan of Taylor, but seeing her rock this look, along with editor Alexandra Shulman's glowing editorial about her in the initial pages of this latest issue, has given me a bit of a crush. The key to... Continue Reading →

The Meaning Of Fashion- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

October 15, 2014

  For me, clothes are far more than just pieces of fabric we put on our backs. Fashion always tells a story about society and the age in which they're worn: the economic conditions, the social status of women (or lack of it), the zeitgeist, the predominant sentiments.  Clothes are the outward means of expressing ourselves. That can entail artifice or honesty, but they allow us to be who we want to be on the outside and can have an immense affect on the way we feel on the inside. I dress to feel glamorous on a miserable day. I put heels on when I want to feel empowered, and I wear florals when I want to feel... Continue Reading →

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