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Sisters in Floral Fever- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

November 19, 2014

Super gorgeous sisters Danni and Kylie Minogue grace the cover of December 2014 Harper's Bazaar. Released just in the last week, the editors must have known botanical beauty was trending, just in time as we celebrate the New Zealand Garden and Art Festival in Tauranga this week.   The cover, a cascade of floral fancy, translates to the pretty shoot inside and an interview with the famous singing siblings. Danni says, "As sisters, you know, you do have your moments." The at once cheeky and loving pose on the cover says it all. They still have the x-factor, that's for sure. Blooming marvellous. Talking of floral fever, it really still is all the rage on the fashion scene it seems... Continue Reading →

Layer Not- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

November 14, 2014

  A deep and devoted love of layering in dressing is a New Zealand phenomenon with which I've never really got to grips. We're addicted to it: cardigans, over tunics, over camis, with a scarf for good measure. Usually there's also a frill or two involved at the bottom of one of the layers, which pops out around the bottom/hip area- usually the largest part on many of us. I'm not a fan of this layering style for a several reasons: Most people look slimmer and better when they don't layer, but instead opt for 'proper' dressing that's taken a bit of thought and one's figure into consideration (see below for more on that!). It's lazy dressing- a way of... Continue Reading →

Top of the World- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

November 12, 2014

When I was a young girl growing up in the UK, Topshop was cool, but it wasn't the bigger-than-Christmas, au courant style giant it has become in recent years. Its über status just got even bigger with the opening of the new Fifth Avenue Topshop on Friday.   Cara Delevingne joined the indomitable Beyoncé to open the 40,000 square feet extravaganza. It is the second-largest Topshop store in the world, topped only by its flagship in Oxford Circus, London Celebs joined principal owner Philip Green at the launch of the new store in New York and were served up very English fare of filet of beef and Yorkshire pudding. The explosion of the Topshop brand over recent years is extraordinary.... Continue Reading →

Blurred Lines- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

November 09, 2014

When the boundaries between fashion and art blur, magic happens. It's a sight to revel in.  We can all be far too worried about what other people think of us- that goes for me too, and it goes when it comes to fashion. True leaders in fashion, the original ones who pave the way for sartorial new discoveries, are always following an instinct to be different- to depart from the norm and from what's already cool. That takes guts. The eccentric fashion icons of the globe- Iris Apfel, Anna Piaggi, Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood - to name a few, inspire me to branch out.   So when it comes to clothing ourselves, it's an opportunity to branch out, to try... Continue Reading →

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