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A Modern twist on our old faves

June 16, 2015

We were lucky enough to have the crew from Stolen Girlfriend's Club come down and hang out with us for afterwork drinks on Friday night. Marc, Luke and the lovely Lucinda are the epitome of the rules of Stolen Girlfriends Club: A youthful rebellious spirit, a healthy sense of humour, and the ability to entertain and empower.  They joined us for cocktails, good chats and of course to launch their new range of Stolen Denim.   The night was filled with shopping and laughs, as well as the crew sharing insights into their new range and endeavours- a range that includes something for everyone.    The idea behind the Stolen Denim range is a modern twist on our old faves - dark fades,... Continue Reading →

From the Palace Gates

May 23, 2015

The Mop Mop collection sees Deadly Ponies step out of the palace gates and into their riding breeches - inspired by the works of artists Robert Morris and Joseph Beuys. Morris being one of the most prominent theorist during the minimalism movement.     This collection sees the influences of the French Revolutionary minimalist and utilitarian qualities as well. Therefore creating a collection that playfully contrast to the lavish and sumptuous Pompernickel collection. The Deadly Ponies High Winter collection embraces new textures with a stunning monochrome colour pallette to create a playful and tactile collection. Handcrafted felt, playful pompoms and woollen handles.     This high winter collection is a perfect combination of style and minimalism - with a pallette... Continue Reading →

Camilla With Love

May 19, 2015

She launched her namesake label ten years ago. Now, celebrated designer and artist Camilla Franks is a name synonymous with Australian fashion and lifestyle. Each Camilla piece is infused with story: the destination and adventure are yours to fill with vibrant colour, digital print, bohemian detailing and intricate craftsmanship. All pieces are luxurious, individualistic and timeless, creating a sentimental place in your wardrobe and life. The girls at Sisters and Co. were lucky enough to be joined in store by the amazing Sarah and Taylah from Camilla for the Winter 15 VIC styling event. We celebrated the arrival of the stunning new Camilla pieces and accessories with a night full of colour, bubbles and incredible silks. Each of our beautiful... Continue Reading →

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