Sisters Swap: About Homes of Hope

At Sisters Swap we are passionate about giving back to the beautiful people doing greats things in our local community! You too can help us make a difference with the knowledge that 10% of every purchase will be donated to our local charitable trust- Homes of Hope.

A bit about Homes of Hope…

“We are passionate about delivering the very best foster care services within a strong and transparent community. We prevent the children from being separated and ensure stability of their care for as long as they require it.

We recognise the need for strong governance, organisational and financial management to be able to achieve our goals. And we are committed to keeping overheads as low as possible to enable maximum resourcing for the children and their support. Consequently we have worked hard to build a strong volunteer base to the point that their ratio is 2:1 volunteers to paid staff.

Our homes provide stable, consistent and on-going foster care and support for dependent children, offering respite and nurture amidst the storms of family chaos. Our overall goal is to restore health and wholeness to the children so that they are able to take their place in society - confident, competent and fulfilled. Experience has taught us well - it is far less expensive to build a child than it is to repair an adult. We must invest in these valuable lives early.

Each of our homes has dedicated house parents who are supported by a team of key staff, many volunteers, related agencies and services. Restoration and transformation are keys to our care practice, with intentional developmental assessments and placement plans for each child.

Alongside this we weave an integrated raft of therapeutic supports including Child Centred Play Therapy (counselling). High accountability structures ensure safety and supports for both adults and children.”