Zoe and Morgan introduce their Spring 20 collection Call of the Wild as a reminder to reconnect with our primal nature; living our busy urban lives we forget how wild and free we are. For this collection they returned to their roots, carving almost every piece by hand using techniques that date back thousands of years to ancient Egypt.

Talk us through your latest collection ‘Call of the Wild"

This collection was a return to our roots, majority of the pieces were hand-carved. This gives a really different feel to the pieces. The subtle beauty of imperfection. 

This collection began thinking about change, in the literal sense where change = coins, and changes in ourselves and our lives. The animals in this collection all represent qualities we cherish; freedom, strength, loyalty, peace and wildness! The Call of the Wild is the call to remember how alive we are, how free we are. With the world in lockdown I realised it was not London or Paris I missed, it was being in the wilderness and experiencing the magic of nature.

What are some of your favourite pieces?

I like the Independent cat with the hand made chain. It's all so textural and beautiful, and I also love the Wolf, Swallow and Eagle signets! I'm also very happy with the stones we have used this season... we have some stunning pink Tourmalines and green Chrome Diopside.

Image: Morgan, Zoe and Morgan

The imagery is amazing, how did this photoshoot come about?

When Bali went into lockdown I moved out to Bingin near Uluwatu. It's a magical surf beach and I was blessed to stay in a place with the most incredible panoramic view. I spotted Tarah on the beach at Bingin, and as soon as I saw her I knew she was perfect for this shoot. We wanted to express the easy going beauty of beach life.

Where do you find inspiration outside of the fashion industry?

Art, music, architecture and nature.

How are you staying focused in this global time of unrest?

The best medicine for me is to be in nature and put the phone away. I have also got back into diving and it's been amazing to swim with manta rays and mola mola, with no tourists at all.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

Here in Bali it's always summer! I am hoping that soon some more travel options will open up so I can visit family.