The Bigger the Better

Whether, like myself, you got your ears pierced before you hit intermediate or you braved the ear-piercing gun later in life, most women have a love of earrings. Thankfully fashion is finally catching up to my obsession with the earrings and all things for the ears getting super-sized. Here are some key trends I am seeing.

Image: The Picasso Pearl Drop Earrings by Holly Ryan

Pearl Perfect

Dust off your nana’s pearls as they are back in a big way. Meadowlark’s Venus Collection is my favourite yet with the collection curated with freshwater pearls, trios of precious gems and gold pieces in the shapes waves and the sea.


New to Sisters & Co is jewellery designer, Holly Ryan. Since founding her jewellery line in 2011 she has developed a signature style of minimalist and sculptural forms driven by art. With an unconventional approach Holly uses traditional hand casting sculpting her pieces from wax before casting to recycled metals and finishing each piece by hand. The result is modern day pieces of art designed for everyday use.

Image: The Equinox Earrings by Zoe & Morgan


Zoe and Morgan jewellery embodies the spirit of adventure. Working with precious metals and stones when you wear their jewels you can feel they were made with integrity, positive energy and love.

Their in store collection is based on the scenery and the mountains of the Nepal home to many of the world’s highest peaks. Mountains have always being a place where people have gone to meditate and connect with the divine and this comes through the pieces. With angular shapes inspired by mountain peaks, tourmaline and aquamarine stones and there are striking new cuts and shapes – something for everyone!