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Tell us about your personal style, and how it’s reflected in your home? I love a simplistic look when it comes to fashion, that’s the ultimate in sophistication. At home I have a mixture of looks. Downstairs is a bit more beachy and simple and upstairs is has a more French country feel. We brought this town house about three years ago and you just have to work with the character of the home not just necessarily your own style.


Would you say that growing up on the farm has affected your personal style? I have always loved to wear jeans and nice knits, I would say it’s always been my signature look.

When you’re not at work, where can we find you? Maybe running up the mount or down at my favourite local George cafe. I also walk my dog Fergus down on the beach everyday. Some weekends I’ll be over at our farm in Tokoroa.


You look amazing! What are your beauty and health secrets? I’m pretty simple with my beauty and health routines. I drink a green smoothie everyday and treat myself once a week to a breakie out. For my skin routine I use Janesce skincare cleanser and moisturiser, and I drink plenty of water.

Has retail always been a strong passion for you? Yup, I am very passionate about fashion and love beautifully designed clothing. I  love styling people and helping them find the perfect outfit.

Where is your favourite place in the world and why? Italy is my favourite place. I love the style of the architecture, the Italian flair! They are such charismatic people. I haven’t actually been to Italy in for ever but now days I love watching movies or TV programmes that are set there.


Where do you look for inspiration? I love flicking through magazines and I have a new addiciton - pinterest! My girls can’t believe it!


What music would we expect to see on your playlist right now? I love listening to music and my husband is music mad. Our favourite song at the present is Sound of Silence by Disturbed.


Where is your next vacation? We are going to Europe hopefully next year, I need to ask Rodelle for the time off hehe.


What are your favourite wardrobe “cant live without” pieces?

Jeans, I am such a denim girl! Rag & Bone are truly the best ever!!!


Where is your favourite place to dine? We love going to the Postbank here and we love Madam Woo in Queenstown.


Tell us what is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? If you can’t stop thinking about it BUY IT!

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