Sisters&Co and Women's Refuge

Thank you for all your support over the last few weeks for the Safe Nights Intiative. We are happy to say that a total of 89 Safe Nights have been donated. Thank you to al who participated! x

First of all, we want to thank you again for all your support in these uncertain times and especially in the first three days of lockdown. 

But despite the hardship and isolation, we are all facing, there are always people and families out there who are a lot worse off and at Sisters & Co, with the direction of our good friend Amber Peebles, we have reached out to an amazing, tireless team of workers at Women’s Refuge to see what we could do to help. As domestic violence can increase between 35 - 50% during uncertain times like these, women and families need somewhere safe at night to go and so here at Sisters & Co, we have decided to donate $20 from all full-price online orders to either your local Women's Refuge or to the national Women's Refuge Safe Night initiative. Safe Nights gives women and their children in abusive situations all they will need for a safe night, in a safe environment. $20 provides a night of safety at safe houses including hot meals, 24-hour security, Childcare, supportive staff and helpful advice.

Tauranga Women’s Refuge General Manager Hazel Hape said: “Thank you, everyone, your support is greatly appreciated. There are two types of women’s refuge - independently and locally-driven like Tauranga, or there is the  national collective of 37, which are promoting the safe nights initiative. You can donate directly to the national initiative at, or you can do so locally in the Bay of Plenty at where you can state the way in which you would like your donation invested - in either a safe night bed or for food." 

At Sisters & Co, when you shop with us during the lockdown, we ask you to leave a comment in your online order indicating how you would like your donation invested - to your independent and local women's refuge or to the national affiliated fundraiser Safe Night. We will be showing you regularly the number of orders from our website and the bank transfer to the organizations of the donations we are making - let's try to get to the thousands!!!  Or you can donate directly yourself at or - you do not have to buy directly from Sisters & Co to make a donation. 

We will continue to bring you fabulous content and fashion, great reading, and #wfh tips and inspiration. We can't wait to ship your beautiful orders to you all once the lockdown is lifted and it is safe to ship and in turn support an amazing cause during this challenging time.

Rodelle and Sisters&Co xxxx