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Seven tips for surviving sale season

Its easy to get caught up in the frenzy of all the winter sales that adorning most store windows – and end up coming home with lots of wasted money and those regret purchases that you cant take back!

So here at Sisters we have put together seven tips for surviving the sale season!


  • Have in mind what you really want (even make a list) then you won’t get tempted to wander aimlessly and impulse buy for the sake of it

  • Don’t be swayed by the cheap price. Walk away and think ‘do I really need this’ before splurging

  • Make sure you buy the right size – I myself have done it many a time and walked away on impulse with either a size to small or too big that my sister or friend inherits – more money down the drain!

  • Trawl the online store first before walking into the brick and mortar. That way you won’t have to waste so much time wading through the sales rack. You will have a much clearer idea of what you are after and what they have

  • Never wear too many layersor awkward things to get on and off in the changing rooms. Always wear pants or a skirt so you have something to try tops on with and wear an across the body bag so you have your hands free for rummaging.

  • If you see something you like get it then and there - don’t wait for the price to be slashed anymore. If you like it chances are the very next person will like it too!

  • And last but not least try and get into a sale as early as possible. Once a sale has being going sizes get really picked over, the good stuff always goes first and right at the beginning of the sale the staff are less frazzled and the stock is more organised.


So – what are you waiting for – grab for best wing woman and dive into those sales!!!



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