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Schools Out! What to wear this School Holidays

School's out and for a mum this means rushing around with endless kids' activities, and often your outfits - and needs - are put on the backburner!

To help you get through the crazy holiday time, we have put together some outfit ideas from Sisters and Co that can be worn both inside and outside and allow flexibility and comfort while still looking stylish.

1 Invest in a super cute pair of sneakers. These can be worn back with jeans, dresses and pants and are stylish as well as practical. With a huge range available now, choose from the super cute Stan Smiths or the superstars. If canvas is your preferred option go for a converse or try the French brand Spring Court - there is something for everyone!

2 Instead of a hand-held purse, opt for a cross-body one so your hands are free to keep hold of your kids. And it will also keep your valuables close so you don't misplace them in the chaos.

3 Wear a white tee under a shirt. That way if you get warm you can whip it off and tie it around your waist without having to lug an extra jacket with all your kids' stuff as well.


4 Accessorise your outfit with a watch. It's one of the easiest ways to add style to an outfit and in this case it will be functional as well. Because you'll have to be checking the time often to stay on schedule, a watch will save you from having to dig through your purse for your cell while trying to wrangle children.

5 Go Bassike - and by this I mean the label. Made from organic cotton, this is your go-to for school holiday attire. With a huge range from T-shirts and long sleeves to dresses, pants and jackets, this is a must-have for a busy mum. Mix and match, layer the singlets with the long sleeve stripe, chuck on the slouchy pants and you will never wear anything else. Super comfortable for racing around.

6 Fitted jeans are a wardrobe staple and are great to throw on with a loose shirt and tee. Never underestimate what a fitted pair of jeans can do for your look, so invest in a good quality pair. The outcome is an effortlessly casual, yet fabulous look.

7 Grin your way through it! Keep a smile on your face - this is what your children will remember and by smiling it will make the holidays that bit more bearable!

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