The Power of Pink

Ultra feminine and full of energy, the colour pink never fails to brighten up even the most casual of ensembles. Salmon, blush, bubblegum and coral are all shades of pink that have been popping up this season in the form of new and exciting pieces for our summer wardrobe.

Image: The Wren Top and Skirt by Camilla AND Marc

Australian label, Camilla AND Marc, used a  charming candy pink in their spring/summer collection. The sheer and billowy sleeves of the Wren Top off set the saccharine shade and give it a more demure look. Team with the matching Wren Skirt for ultimate candy coloured perfection.

If you're after show stopping colour intensity, turn to Sass & Bide's Moonlight Bay suit in bright geranium pink - it's the perfect power suit for a night out or if you feel like making a splash at the office!

Then there are accessories, this season pastel pinks are everywhere! The Drew Heel in blossom from the latest Miss Wilson collection is a delight and we can see this looking beautiful at any number of summer events. Everyone's favourite handbag label, Deadly Ponies, have released a clay coloured shade this season and we love the subtle, earthly feel it gives to their iconic bags. 

Pink has a special mood-boasting quality and we can all enjoy. No mater what shade you wear or how you wear it, there’s no denying that the colour has a certain charm. We urge you to embrace a little pink this season, whether you go all out with a co-ordinating outfit or opt of a pop of pastel pink in your accessories, it's fun to experiment with colour.