'Pearlies' by Deadly Ponies

Posted by Fianna O'Donoghue on

Today marks the launch of Deadly Ponies' latest collection of handbags and accessories inspired by The Pearly Society of London. With mother-of-pearl button embellishment and wool felt in shades green and black, this collection features new and exciting takes on classic designs. 

"The Pearly Society are a colourful breed of embellishment enthusiasts and their highly ornate mother-of-pearl button outfits have inspired this collection which blurs the lines between utilitarian practicality and elegant adornment. However, it is their charity initiatives to help the underprivileged that really struck a chord and in honour of such a worthy cause, Deadly Ponies will be donating all the retail proceeds from the sale of the ‘Lucky Charm’ to LIFEWISE, a social development agency working to house the homeless."


Pearlies Collection by Deadly Ponies NZ Handbags

"Ever the explorer, Creative Director Liam Bowden employs a range of distinctive materials in khaki, and classic black to bring to life his unique vision. Deadly Ponies’ iconic New Zealand deer nappa is complemented by supple lamb, wool felt and mother-of-pearl buttons which are each carefully hand- stitched in both a diamond pattern or horse-head insignia."Pearlies Collection by Deadly Ponies NZ Handbags