One Leather Jacket, Three Ways

Posted by Fianna O'Donoghue on

With the arrival of Deadly Ponies' leather jacket collection just around the corning (6th April can't come quick enough!), let's talk about the everlasting appeal of the trusty leather biker jacket. It's a piece that works well throughout the seasons and will never fail to give your outfit an edge. 

Off Duty - Many of us live in jeans/casual pants and tees which can sometimes feel a little bland and boring. Try adding leather biker jacket to your everyday ensemble and transform your outfit from safe to edgy. Accessorise with a pair of Superga trainers and oversized sunglasses to complete the look. 

Rocker Chic - Grab your statement jacket and channel Kate Moss with the perfect balance between raw and cool. Go for studded footwear and layered jewellery, ripped jeans and graphic tees. It's a style that spans more than five decades and can be interrupted in any way you please. 

Swishy Skirts - There is something about the contrast between a tough biker jacket and a sweet, swishy skirt that just works. The leather biker jacket perfectly offsets the feminine, giving your outfit a tougher edge. Wear with stilettos or ankle boots and winger eyeliner.