Meadowlark: Claire Hammon Q&A

Posted by Rhianna McCormick-Burns on

Established in 2006, and grounded in a very 90’s commitment to authenticity, Meadowlark creates beautiful and meaningful jewellery for self-possessed women and men. Artist couple, Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont, design everything together, considering every angle of every piece, finding beauty in overlooked materials or concepts, and striving to make something both intimate and everlasting.

Tell us about how you and your husband started Meadowlark? Greg and I were having dinner one night and started talking about combining our skills and making some jewellery. We started it from nothing!


With a busy day-to-day life and deadlines it can be hard to find time for the creative process. Where do you find your inspiration and how do you ensure you have the time and space to design? This is the hardest part of the job, over the years we have tried different ways to work the creative process and now we try to design all year round so it’s never one big stressful month leading up to a new collection. Inspiration is hard to find but we are always inspired by art & architecture. A lot of our best designs are just epiphanies.


What does an average day of work look like for you? Do you have daily routines? We don’t really have a routine, every day is really different. Some days I will be directing a photoshoot and the next day I might be designing for a future collection. Other days I will be working across visuals for marketing or I will be working with our jewellers and production manager on upcoming designs. There’s an endless list of things to do!


What are the inspirations behind the Liberty collection for Summer? Liberty was inspired by flowers, we are always inspired by nature and our phones are filled with images of strange flowers we come across. A lot of the pieces were actually inspired by magnifying the centre of flowers and discovering there is another tiny garden within each flower.


How would you describe your own personal style? I am definitely not a trend based person, I wear a lot of NZ made brands and I go for simple designs that have some kind of special feature that only I may know about. I wear a lot of layered up gold Meadowlark earrings, I’ve been getting more ear piercings so I can wear all my favorites at once.


What are your 5 essential items in your wardrobe for this summer its our summer in New Zealand? Miss Crabb robe to cover up and protect my skin from the sun,  a hat, my favourite Lonely swimsuit, Celine sunglasses and sandals, and a simple black dress.


What do you and your husband have planned for the summer holidays? We haven’t made any plans but if we can find some time to get away, we are hoping to visit family in Argentina and get inspired.


What is one piece of jewellery styling advice that you can share with our readers? There are no rules, so wear what you like how you like!