Little Sisters Jaggad Event

Our Little Sisters Store in the heart of Mount Maunganui hosted a Jaggad event on Saturday 2nd February to celebrate the launch of the Laura Henshaw X Jaggad collection we got in store! Jaggad is a hugely popular activewear brand, that normally sells out within the hour of launching. To celebrate, there was free gift with purchase, music, Real Rad Food treats, smoothies and more! They also had Jaggad Ambassador Viarni Bright, plus your favourite fitness gurus Abby Barlow and Jessica Addis from the Bay. The turn our was amazing and we are looking forward to hosting more events in the future. While there, we asked our fitness girls a range of questions from their favourite workouts, to what they love about the JAGGAD activewear.

Image: Top: Viarni Bright, Abby Barlow, Jessica Addis/ Below: Kylie Wood, Tanieka Smith, Viarni Bright

Abby Barlow

1. When did you first get into fitness? My fitness journey began in 2013. I had always played netball through school but felt like something was missing when school days were over! I started out doing HIIT DVD home workouts & progressed to following Kayla Itsines programmes at the gym in 2014 – I fell in love with the gym and have been going 5am every weekday morning ever since!

2. How do you stay motivated? I get asked this question a lot with my lifestyle and training and my answer is always the same – you must have 2 things – a goal in mind & someone other than yourself to be accountable to. For me, my goal is working on being a better me than the last time I stepped on stage & I’m accountable to my nutrition coach. These two things keep me in check! Another biggy is that you MUST truly believe in what you’re working towards and have an absolute passion for it! If you love what you do, the motivation to succeed in what you're doing will just flow!

3. What’s your favourite workout? Training glutes is probably my favourite workout! Love some heavy hip thrusts or sumo deadlifts but when it comes to cardio I’m addicted to the way F45 makes me feel! Such a good blast out workout when you need to get a sweat on!

4. Who’s your fitness inspiration? 100% Jess Coate – she is the whole reason I ended up getting into body building. I remember looking at her and thinking ‘I want to be like her!’.

5. What do you listen to when you workout? Such a range of things depending on my mood! I’ve actually created a Spotify playlist called ‘GRIND TIME’ that has some absolute bangers that I tend to chuck on shuffle and work my lil heart out!

6. What do you love about JAGGAD? Totally all about success comes with hard work vibe & the fact that JAGGAD believes ‘to create the life worth living you have to work hard’ resonates so well with me! Also love how their active wear has so much style and fab designs!

Image: Real Rad Food teats and smoothies

Jessica Addis 

1. When did you first get into fitness? Back in late 2010! The first time I actually went to a gym was to impress my crush rather than the workout itself, but managed both and fell in love with fitness. Interesting start, but now I get to enjoy being a part of other people's fitness journeys.

2. How do you stay motivated? Training with others!! I get a real kick out of training with friends and being pushed by coaches. Along with a good soundtrack.

3. What’s your favourite workout? I train at F45 Tauranga and love our Romans and Abacus workout - they're very different, one is resistance based and one cardio, but they both push you to your limits!

4. Who’s your fitness inspiration? There's a few! But I find Sara Sigmundsdottir and Demi Bagby so inspiring.

5. What do you listen to when you workout? I love a good R&B playlist filled with old school tracks! 6. What do you love about JAGGAD? Jaggad has such gorgeous and flattering designs! And the quality of the fabric is perfect for my HIIT sessions.

Image: Bubbles and balloons for the children to play with

Viarni Bright

1. When did you first get into fitness? I have always been into it! I played a lot of sport throughout school and love water sports too. It's always been a big part of my life no matter what kind.

2. How do you stay motivated? Sometimes its hard! Especially transitioning from team sports to exercising alone. But I find it clears my head and give me positive energy which is motivation enough!

3. What’s your favourite workout? I love boxing but most recently have been into my running. Last year I did my first half marathon and now I try do at least 5km two to three times a week.

4. Who’s your fitness inspiration? This is random but honestly its my Dad. He is 60 and still surfs, kite boards, snowboards, stand up paddle boards and more. I hope I am still as sporty as him at that age and he has always encouraged and motivated me.

5. What do you listen to when you workout? When I was training for my half marathon my best friend Lulu made Spotify playlists - its a mixed bag of songs but they all make me wanna keep going!

6. What do you love about JAGGAD? It's the perfect mix of comfort & fashion whilst still being a really good performance wear brand. My pet peeve is low rise tights that fall down and Jaggad is the complete opposite!