Karen Walker Resort 2018

Posted by Fianna O'Donoghue on

"Let them eat cake," was a phrase supposedly spoken by Queen Marie Antoinette. These words have lived on long after her death and were Karen Walker's key inspiration for her 2018 Resort collection, aptly named 'Eat Cake'. 

This season Karen Walker drew her inspiration from this famous Queen and the extravagant fashions seen at Versailles on the eve of the French Revolution. As ever, Karen Walker's latest collection packs a punch, with brightly coloured prints and oversized ruffles. It's as if Marie Antoniette's wardrobe had been ripped up and cleverly recreated for the modern day. 

Eat Cake is an innovative mash-up of French feminine vibes and 90's street style, featuring frill sleeves on a classic basketball jacket, floral bombers and ruffled short shorts. Despite the very feminine details, the vibe is distinctly sporty. Walker has used many plainspoken fabrics like cotton, seersucker, twill, and denim. 

The collection also features several graphic tees and sweatshirts that play on the Sex Pistols’s famous poster for their single “God Save the Queen” - it's apparent that Karen Walker loves a girl with attitude and so do we!