Undertone, the Winter 2018 collection continues Juliette Hogan's exploration of the quite statement. A certain feeling or idea that is evident throughout this collection, that is found in collections past, and will continue into the future. This is the Juliette Hogan Undertone - a nuance that follows the brand, at times potent and at others barely a whisper. 

The season's signature Undertone print on silk crepe de chine perfectly illustrates this concept of potency or diffusion of common idea with hues running from deepest burgundy moving fluidly to the palest pink. The collection's palette further reflects this with rich dark tones in merino, silks and suiting balanced against the barest hints of colour in stretch velvet, linen and wool coating. The silhouette is at once strong and relaxed. Voluminous pieces like the Surround Coat or Emi Kimono Jacket play against form fitting dresses, pencil skirts and snug low-back basics, while scalloped lace, coated denim and sequins lend a luxurious touch. 

Undertone is a beautifully formed collection, held together by a subtle yet pervasive idea, hard to articulate and yet ever - present.