It's A Mum Thing

This year, we wanted to celebrate all different types of mums and their paths through motherhood. From the best parts, juggling working, enjoying all the milestones and their personal fashion and style we interview three mums who tells us their stories. Enjoy a Q&A from Kathryn Wilson, Libby Whaley and Lauren Parker.

Image: Top: Lola Belle and Stella Rose. Bottom: Kathryn Wilson


Meet Kathryn Wilson. A mum, and successful footwear designer in New Zealand. Kathryn launched her label over 15 years ago, releasing works of art in every style, each shoe resonates with wearers differently, transforming their outfit, empowering confidence and revealing aspects of their personalities. We asked Kathryn about motherhood and fashion!   

What's your favourite thing about being a Mother? Being reminded of the simple things in life that make you happy… life through a rose-tinted lense of a four year old is a fun place to be!

Has your style changed since becoming a Mum? Not necessarily, I wear what makes me happy and feels good… Lola loves it when I wear dresses and feminine colours… she says I look like a princess!

Did you inherit any of your personal style from your Mum? I clearly remember some of my mums outfits from the 80s during my childhood… especially the accessories and shoes! I have always loved to reference these silhouettes and colour palettes in our own collections years later.

What's the best piece of advice about Motherhood you could offer? Don’t wish a day away… I was told by so many friends the time goes so quickly with babies that become toddlers then small humans! Lola Belle is starting school next year and it feels like yesterday she was a baby… now that we have a newborn in the house and are a family of four with Stella Rose I am conscious to slow down and enjoy the journey of motherhood… with all the good and the bad!!

What's on your Wishlist for Mothers Day this year? Time with family together making memories together… and hopefully champagne for breakfast!

Image: Top: Libby Whaley and her gorgeous wee Indigo Whaley. Bottom: Inside Epsilon


Meet Libby Whaley. A wife, friend, business owner and mother. Libby moved down to Mount Maunganui after 15 years of hairdressing in Auckland, where she opened Epsilon. Epsilon is more than a hair salon - it's an experience; an eco sanctuary that offers clients high end results in the kindest ways possible. Every product we use has been handpicked for its sulphate, paraben and cruelty free credentials, but also for their efficacy.

After suffering from eczema and dermatitis, Libby found working with paraben and sulphate free products offered great improvements in her skin concerns, and triggered a passion in health and wellness that she wanted to share with her clients. She dreamed of opening a salon that used only ethical products without harmful chemicals, and Epsilon Hair was born. Libby became a mother in 2018 to a beautiful baby girl called Indigo! We asked Libby about her journey through motherhood. 

What's your favourite thing about being a Mother? Having a little human whose face lights up when she sees you – you’re their whole world. It’s mind blowing the love that explodes in you when that happens.

Has your style changed since becoming a Mum? No but I don’t have as much time – for hair, makeup or putting clothes away!! So my favourite items go on repeat a lot more.

Did you inherit any of your personal style from your Mum? Not really but I remember as a young girl being fascinated watching my mum put on her makeup, I could sit for hours at her feet copying her she would always give me her old lipsticks. My 8 month old loves watching me put on my makeup in the mirror and I always give her a clean makeup brush to play with.

What's the best piece of advice about Motherhood you could offer? Done is better than perfect! I had no idea how much time I would spend doing nothing all day but holding and feeding Indigo, I used to get really upset that I hadn’t achieved what I was used to getting done in a day. So now I just do what I can and I list what my priorities are for that day – running a business gets higher priority over cleaning the house for sure!!

What's on your Wishlist for Mothers Day this year? A massage – and time to go and get it done!! Also I always love fresh flowers so that would be perfect. And I have ordered the Zoe and Morgan seven chakra necklace from sisters so hopefully that arrives in time for hubby to wrap it up and pretend he and indigo chose it for me J.

Image: Lauren Parker and little Parker


Lauren Parker, one of our stylist who works at Sisters & Co. Lauren is originally from the UK and has lived in New Zealand for 3 years now which is how long she has worked in retail! She thought it was the most social job to meet people and always had a huge interest in fashion and styling. Lauren also teaches yoga and has been for the last 7 years. She enjoys the contrast of the 'two' jobs as she feels both of them make people feel good about themselves in different ways.  

But definitely the best addition to life these days is Parker who is 1 year old now. He's a ball of energy and makes every so much fun! We spoke to Lauren about her experience with motherhood.

What's your favourite thing about being a Mother? Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. The smallest things become so exciting all over again.

Has your style changed since becoming a Mum? I wouldn’t say it’s changed, I try to stay true to myself through my style, all be it more practical at times. And I defiantly ‘get’ changed more throughout the day. My little ones very messy! 

Did you inherit any of your personal style from your Mum? No, probably my nan. She has style and loves to shop.

What's the best piece of advice about Motherhood you could offer? Self care is important. Never feel guilty about taking time for you or treating yourself. You deserve it and our little ones feel the benefits of a rested mum.

What's on your Wishlist for Mothers Day this year? I would love anything from the Bestow range! I've been looking at the Beauty Oil which helps not only your health but also the beauty and vitality of your skin!