Introducing Être Cécile

Posted by Dave Erby on

Bright and delightfully Parisienne, Être Cécile is the latest label to arrive at Sisters & Co! As a brand, Être Cécile is playful and lighthearted, designed for the true fashion girl who wishes to combine luxury with wareability.

Driven by a long-standing desire to find core pieces that would rise up to the aesthetics of a chic wardrobe, être cécile was founded by Yasmin Sewell and Kyle Robinson, who collectively aspired to create a unique ready-to-wear collective, taking inspiration from the cleanliness of French style.


The brand's heritage is based around ‘Cécile', an Irish-born artist living in 1960s Paris, with a love of animal prints and a creative flair for fashion. The brand is produced in Europe with showrooms in Paris, New York and the designers' home of London, where the brand was conceived.