Introducing Rylan

Posted by Fianna O'Donoghue on

Australian style maven, Brooke Testoni, has launched her first ever handbag collection and we honoured to be a New Zealand stockist! Brooke’s new label, Rylan, offers a range of luxuriously handcrafted handbags that combine quality with the fashionista’s inimitable ‘cool girl’ aesthetic.

Brooke came up with the idea of creating Rylan around two years ago whilst travelling through the U.S. and Europe.

"I decided to create a line of handbags because I saw a gap in the market and was passionate about a particular style. I was looking for a luxury quality, classic bag, inspired by the past, with no obvious branding. I also had a clear vision of what this would look like. Unfortunately I didn’t find many I was fond of, especially underneath the $1,000 mark. This was how Rylan was born."

The bags are classic, understated and every bit as luxurious as you'd imagine! With effortless appeal we can see them becoming a timeless and treasured accessory. The collection can be shopped instore or online.