Deadly Ponies X My Little Pony

Posted by Fianna O'Donoghue on

Deadly Ponies' latest collaboration with My Little Pony has to be one of the brand's most unique collections to date. Joining forces with the global entertainment giant Hasbro, Deadly Ponies' Creative Director, Liam Bowden, has taken us into a whimsical world filled with rainbow colours and nostalgia. 

'Just like the Ponies of Equestria, we signal our inner identities outwardly through the fashioning of symbols. Honouring and remembering the symbols of our youth helps all of us shape our identities, relate to peers and form friendships.' 

The iconic My Little Pony rainbow has been recreated into comparatively subtle, panelled leather. The collection is filled with rich colour and playful chevron rainbow silhouettes that give a subtle nod to the fashion of the 1970's. The new Pony Puff charm is a luxurious accessory and companion piece that speaks to the imagination. Plus, the classic bags we know and love now come in two new block hues, ‘Brick’ and ‘Sea Shadow’. 

'The world of My Little Pony revolves around symbols of self-expression. When Ponies discover their unique role within the land of Equestria, they obtain a ‘cutie mark’: a pictographic representation of their unique and colourful identity. Cutie marks express a Pony’s integral values and qualities: Rainbow Dash’s lightning bolt, for example, is a composite symbol that simultaneously represents her dynamism, competitiveness, mischievousness and loyalty.'

'In honour of this collaboration, we have chosen 3 of the iconic ponies to be represented in the collection and additionally DEADLY PONIES has created its own character, Shadow. She is elegant, bold, and considered.'