The much anticipated Deadly Ponies collection 'Depths of Desire' is made up of rich and vibrant colours with classic wearable pieces. There is something for everyone and for any occasion. 

Inspired by the unlikely, imagined love affair between a deep-sea monster and a zeppelin, Fall ‘18 collection Depths of Desire is one of Deadly Ponies’ most experimental seasons yet.

The collection draws on Deadly Ponies’ inherent artistic influence with bold design flourishes from the Bauhaus movement and rich hues from the ‘70s. Marmalade, Rhino and Ink highlight the main collection, accented by a polka-dot series of bold line work and spheres across a number of small leather accessories. Creative Director Liam Bowden’s devotion to his craft sees eleven new silhouettes and luxe, unique treatments across a stunning array of bags, silk scarves and fine leather jackets, embracing retro modernism and catering to Deadly Ponies’ alternative sensibilities.