A Parisian Style Checklist

Sisters & Co's founder, Rodelle Payne, is obsessed with anything François and in particular Parisian fashion! Whether you love or hate the fashion world’s obsession with everything French, you have to admit that French women do wear it well.

So, here at Sisters & Co we have created a French-inspired capsule wardrobe to help eliminate unwanted clothes from your wardrobe that you don’t wear and replace with quality key pieces that you will thrash again and again.


The guidelines are fairly simple: make sure you have quality basics across all categories of apparel, and eliminate clothing from your wardrobe that you don’t love to wear. Buy new basics to fill any gaps, and remember always buy quality over quantity. Buying clothing in this way helps to cultivate a wardrobe that is true to your aesthetic, resulting in spending less money on items you don’t really need and no more asking yourself the age-old question ‘what do I wear?’ in the morning.

So what is a basic? A basic is something that can be worn over and over again, it also goes with everything in your wardrobe. Think clean white teestailored pants and sensible everyday footwear - these are the pieces to invest in and carefully select! Although it costs a bit more, we suggest going for great quality fabrics as this means your basic items will last season after season. 

If you're ready to get started, download the Sisters & Co Parisian Style Checklist and follow our simple checklist of wardrobe staples. We promise you won't go wrong!