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THE BEST seats at fashion weeks, launch parties, after parties, collaborations - the world of a fashion blogger is mind-boggling. The hottest new fashion trend since getting celebrities to endorse clothes is having the right blogger at your show. They're high up on designers' and PR agents' list. So.... what is the role of a fashion blogger? A good fashion blogger covers all the areas of the industries from the big names to the small indie designers. Then the blogger regularly uploads information to their blog - a type of website - including fashion tips, advice and what's hot, for their followers to read. 

Bloggers have taken off in the fashion industry so successfully because fashion is so trend-driven. Blogs provide a way for the ordinary person to follow and see these fast-paced trends without having to attend fashion events themselves. The "blogosphere" has had a huge impact on the industry and, as I found out on my recent trip to Sydney Fashion Week, their influence continues to grow.

At fashion events, bloggers even have zoned-off areas where they can connect to Wi-Fi, relax and enjoy the free cups of coffee. It certainly looks like the high life to an old bricks-and-mortar retailer like me, who has to work seven days a week and beg friends to watch the store so i can attend events and then find myself stuffed to the back of the shows! Despite my jealousy of their front-row seats, bloggers are fabulous for keeping up-to-date in the ever-changing world of fashion. I love their absolute passion for the industry - and their interesting posts, of course. Here are some Kiwi fashion bloggers to watch. 


This blog is run by four guys who love fashion, people and taking photos of people and fashion they think are amazing. Their up-and-coming blog is certainly one to keep your eye on. One of the team, Chin Tay, is originally from Tauranga and is now based in Auckland. He is a dentist by day and a fashion blogger by night. Foureyes has around 5000 fans who follow the blog and the team's love of fashion. www.eyeseyeseyeseyes.com


A beautiful blog capturing fashion moments from around the county. Their images are incredible and the variety of people makes you fall in love with our country. Likened to world-famous blog the Sartorialist, this is an award-winning blog and certainly worth a look. www.streetandcityphotos.blogspot.co.nz


A New Zealand blogger who posts nore about things that are happening in fashion as opposed to street style. Quirky, intereting and in her last post she mentions local label Black by Teresa Hodges. www.katherineisawesome.com


Marcella blogs to the max with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and a newsletter. www.fashiondistraction.com

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