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Right throughout history, pop culture has influenced fashion and one of the most influential genres is – the movie!

We can all think back to a movie that influenced your style and here are my top five picks that continue to have an impact on what we wear. 

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Pixie like beauty Audrey Hepburn plays the young New York socialite Holly Golightly in the early 1960’s in this ultimate Hollywood classic. Her effortless style and fragile beauty set fashion trends for years to come. The ‘little black dress’ she wore to visit Sally Tomato has ever since been a staple of the chic female wardrobe. And the black Givenchy gown she wears in the opening scene was auctioned $800,000 in London in 2006 to fund the building for 15 educational centres for children in India. Who says fashion is shallow?


2. Pretty Women – An ultimate favourite in my younger days (even though it was about a hooker!) Julia Roberts’s dresses as she is transformed from street girl Vivian Ward to high society are timeless! Even today her outfits are copied and Emma Watson was recently seen coping Julia Roberts style in her cut out sexy number this year that graced many major magazine covers.Her outfit to the polo, the polka dot brown dress, is a key influencer in today’s fashion and who can forget the ultimate red dress – which was going to made in black!


3. Pulp Fiction - Uma Thurman’s classic style as Mia Wallace is hip simplicity. Her black pants, crisp white shirt and blunt banged hair instantly became an institution. The ultimate touch was wearing a black bra under the white shirt – so much cooler than a ‘Royale with Cheese’.


4. The Talented Mr. Ripley - Not only the plot is brilliant, the styling is noteworthy all by itself. Button down collared shirts, classic chino trousers and black-rimmed glasses. Crisp white shirts, mid-length skirts and espadrilles. All these pieces can be filed under summer essentials and mid-winter I can only channel Gwyneth Paltrow who plays Marge Sherwood’s style for the ultimate summer holiday – the bikini, the weekender, the handsome men …….


5. The Great Gatsby - This is due out in NZ cinemas in June – is already having a huge impact on fashion globally. Twenties style regalia is back and the demand for feathered capes, headpieces and other accessories according to UK retailer is up hugely, while sales of costume jewellery such as sparkling diamante encrusted bracelets and dazzling strings of golden pearls are going through the roof. Watch out for the Gatsby Look, feminine flapper style to become one of the hottest seasons trends! 


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