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How To Work A Sale




This time of the year major  

brands and local retailers 

 usually start their winter  


But tread carefully. For every sales gem discovered there are thousands of purchases, stuffed in the back of the wardrobe, never to be worn again. It’s easy for pulses to race and logic to fly out the door at the sight of windows plastered with signs that read‘‘prices slashed’’. Rather then getting caught up and confused in all the frenzy, here are some key sale strategies to ensure smart purchases.

1. Write a list - Make a list of what you need in your wardrobe (such as winter boots, coat, new jeans). That way you will be more focused on what you need and less likely to get swayed by the once-in-a-lifetime sequin gold halter-neck dress that you will  never wear and will only get dragged out for dress-up parties.

2. Be comfortable - Wear comfy clothes and if you’re wearing jeans make sure you are wearing a singlet top underneath— that way you can try on clothes without having to wait for a changing room.

3. Buy more than one - If you find a perfect item, such as a fabulous, well-fitting pair of jeans, buy two while the prices are cheap—you’ll never regret it.


4. Stay classic - A sale is not the time to experiment with fashion. Those fluorescent harem pants are on sale  because they are either a style that won’t be there next season or a trend that didn’t take off. Stick to items such as jeans, black dresses, blazers, white shirts and other items that will take you through to the next season.

5. Know your rights - Be familiar with each store’s returns policy. Most have a no refunds or exchange policy so be very sure about the size and style you are buying.


6. Get online! - Most stores launch their sales online first (or sometimes only online exclusively) so avoid the queues and shop from your lounge—bliss!

7. Take a pushy friend - One who’ll get to the front of the queue, grab items first and offer brutally honest fashion advice.



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