The Stars are out ~ New Season Karen Walker Star City

The stars are out and brighter than ever!



Before the launch of her Star City Show Walker explained her inspiration to Vogue: “We came across these photos, taken in the ’80s, of this unmarked town just north of Moscow called Star City, that was a secret military training base for the Soviet Union’s space program. And there were all these photos of these funny, folksy, chintzy Russian sitting rooms but with space suits and space gloves.”



She explained she wanted to contrast the “folksy, domestic, and ordinary with high-tech, cutting-edge utility.” And, she continued, “a shot of glam. Because it was quite an elite, glamorous city."




There is an 80s glam feel to the entire story. With spectacular bold colour and dynamic prints paired with stunning silk textiles. We especially love the wash denim in the Callisto style and the asymmetry in the dress cuts this season.


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