5 Minutes with Zoe Williams of Zoe & Morgan

Zoe & Morgan's stunning new collection 'You are the Sky' has arrived at Sisters & Co this week. We couldn't be more excited to finally display all the intricate and meaningful new pieces from one of your favourite brands. We talked to Zoe Williams about the new collection, her inspirations and passions.

Tell us about the latest collection?

‘You are the Sky’ is an homage to Mountains, for this collection we travelled to Nepal, home to many of the world’s highest peaks. Mountains have always been a place where people have gone to meditate and connect with the divine. We, like those before us have found, are the silent observer of nature: the snowy mountains, the flowing rivers and the clouds above.

Nepal has such a rich culture; birth place of the Buddha and dwelling place of many Hindu gods. It is also a country of incredible beauty– untouched nature is surrounded by towering majestic peaks that shimmer in the sunlight and are framed with deepest blue sky.  We have also made some pieces inspired by volcanoes – after all, growing up in Auckland these were the mountains that loomed large in our lives.

Where do you find inspiration?

We are inspired by travel, it's in our blood. Mum and Dad took us to India, Jamaica, Japan, England and Aoteroa as young children. Since the 1960s and the days of the hippie trail from London to Goa via Kathmandu, these tranquil mountains have captured the hearts of so many adventurers, who love the sense of unlimited freedom.

We hope this new collection will provide a source of inspiration … freedom and adventure . These pieces are to be worn to parties, beaches, tree climbing what ever makes you happy!

What is the part of your business that you are most passionate about?

We are lucky as we have made a life style plan (not the old school business plan) and words like FUN and FAMILY feature allot in it. We catch up as a family at least x2 per year in Bali, UK, NZ or elsewhere. We design together, eat together, watch our own children grow up together and as a result of this time, a new collection is created, and further down the track we see people wearing our jewellery.

As jewellery is a gift item it's usually very sentimental to the wearer. We love having our own shops and making our engagement and wedding rings too. It's the personal interactions with our customers that we are passionate about. Knowing people for years and developing friendships.

What are you loving in fashion this season?

Heading into Autumn, I'm loving shades of green! 

What's your own personal mantra?

I am grateful for my family, I am grateful for my health, I will try to encourage my people to grow and be supported.