Franco Fontana's Virtuoso

Rejoice the warmer weather and celebrate the excitement of Deadly Ponies' tenth anniversary!

Organic, innovative and timeless, three words that automatically spring to mind when thinking of the brand that we all know and love. Season after season, loyally created timeless and statement pieces that have become a staple part of the modern women's wardrobe.

Aptly named Decadant, this collection celebrates the heritage of this brand and paves the way for the future. Inspired by photographer Franco Fontana’s virtuoso interplay of colour, Forest, Amber, Mist and Klein Blue are paired as a subtle nod to sport luxe. 

This collection continues to maintain the brand's reputation for striking design with the refinement of classic styles and the introduction of new shapes. 

Beloved classics are joined by their miniature equivalents, new materials are further explored and a stylized leather stripe is introduced as a 10-year celebratory ribbon.

So whether you are after a new statement piece to begin a season of warmth and colour or just looking to accompany your trusty steed with it's miniature, be sure to head in store and to indulge in some of this season's most sought after accessories.

We assure you, it will be nothing but Decadant.

Unfortunately we are unable to sell Deadly Ponies Products online but if you are wanting to purchase any products please contact us:


Words by Ruby Hamilton for Sisters and Co.

Images Via Deadly Ponies




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