All your stars, Darling

"Keep me up till five because all your stars are out, and for no other reason" - J.D Salinger, Seymour

This Liam collection, much like the others before it take more of a poetic approach towards the embarkment into a new season.  


All Your Stars Are Out, is a collection much unlike any other in the sense beauty, grace and elegance are brought into an entirely new light in this collection. Midnight blues, shadowy blacks and whitened ivory, a colour palette picked straight from the night's sky. 


The euphoria and self-confidence that exist in such moments encouraged designer Emily Miller-Sharma when designing the Liam spring 2015 collection All Your Stars Are Out, which owes its essence to a quote by author J.D Salinger. This season, wherever our self-assured Liam woman goes, fun follows. It has emerged as a collection poised for a good time, with a nod toward the movement and casual ease of the seventies.


Much can be said for this collection and just how the Liam lady wears it with grace and poise, under the moonlight she dances with ease and grace and slips away into the night.

All Your Stars Are Out is available in store and 

Words by Ruby Hamilton for Sisters and Co.


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