From the Palace Gates

The Mop Mop collection sees Deadly Ponies step out of the palace gates and into their riding breeches - inspired by the works of artists Robert Morris and Joseph Beuys. Morris being one of the most prominent theorist during the minimalism movement.



This collection sees the influences of the French Revolutionary minimalist and utilitarian qualities as well. Therefore creating a collection that playfully contrast to the lavish and sumptuous Pompernickel collection.

The Deadly Ponies High Winter collection embraces new textures with a stunning monochrome colour pallette to create a playful and tactile collection. Handcrafted felt, playful pompoms and woollen handles.



This high winter collection is a perfect combination of style and minimalism - with a pallette of Grey, Chalk and Black, these pieces perfectly compliment this winter's trends.


Available in store at Sisters and Co.

Unfortunately we are unable to sell Deadly Ponies Products online but if you are wanting to purchase any products please contact us:


Words by Ruby Hamilton for Sisters and Co. 


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