Sisters Label Collection 19

Sisters Label Winter/Autumn Collection 19 has officially launched and we are super excited about the epic pieces, new designs and amazing fabrics to enter our store!

Image: TOP: Nancy wearing Lola Dress, BOTTOM: Nancy wearing Sisters Label Everyday Jacket, V Neck T Shirt, Drawstring Pant

This collection is designed by our in house designer Nancy Zhang. Nancy has worked for Sisters & Co, since January 2016.

Nancy started working as a retail assistant while studying Creative Industries and majoring in Fashion & Design at Bay Of Plenty Polytech. From the floor, she moved into the position of in house designer working on our exclusive brand Sisters Label. 

Sisters Label is a brand made for women to wear and feel their best. These are additional pieces to your wardrobe to wear all year round. These are everyday pieces, with classic styles and we like to describe it as a timeless capsule. 

The label is designed here in Mount Maunganui, with the Sisters & Co customer base in mind when researching, designing and gathering fabrics. 

"I will often ask Sisters & Co retail assistants what the customers have been asking for, and what they are liking. This gives me an insight to what our direct customers are wanting".

"What I love about Sisters Label is all the pieces are made in New Zealand and all items are ethically produced. This means when you are wearing our product you know you are supporting a local company and something you can be proud to back as you know how and where it is made".

"This capsule is one I am really proud of. I feel like each piece of clothing is a step up from what I done in the past". 

Image: TOP - Nancy wearing Sisters Label Dream Skirt in Pink. BOTTOM - Nancy wearing Golden Sand Top and Wide Leg Suit Pants.


Favourite piece from collection? It would have to be the Georgina Dress or Forest Skirt cause it goes with everything! 

Inspiration behind the collection? 100% the Sisters & Co customers base. I wanted to add additional pieces to their wardrobe that are timeless and classic!

Can you run us through your design process? First get information from the retail stylists at Sisters & Co about what the customers want. I then research for trends that will inspire me and help me create classic pieces that will be on trend and something different. Then I source fabrics, mainly aim to get natural fibre such as cotton, linen or silk. I will get in touch with our fabric factory and tell them what fabric, colour and weight I want and they will send a selection of different fabrics for us to pick from. I then sketch the styles and once that is approved, I then start pattern making, which consists of drawing the shape of the garment on paper and then placing this on the fabric of our choice. Next is tracing the pattern onto the fabric and cut the shape. After this, I sew the garment and finish off the first sample ready. I will then order all trims, fabrics, care labels to be sent to me and send the sample off to our cutters in Auckland, where they will bulk cut the garment into different sizes and then send all cut pieces direct to the manufactures, also based in Auckland. Manufactures will then make a sample, send back to us for approval. Once they get the approval from us, they can go ahead with making the size range! 

Favourite part about being Sisters & Co in house designer? I love the creative process of making each design from a sketch to when the garment is being worn. I love that my job is my passion and I enjoy the process of problem solving. It's challenging but fun!

Have you always been passionate about fashion? Not exactly, my love for fashion came from drawing. Colouring comps, hated school but loved the creative subjects such as graphic design, art, print. However, I never to a fashion and design class! I didn’t know how to sew till I started university actually!