La révolution

Inspired by 18th century France, the ‘Pompernickel’  Winter 15 range boasts a princely palette of blushes and deep ports as well as bringing back the timeless ink and black pieces. Deadly Ponies have revolutionized their forever - loved classics with the introduction of exotic cheetah printed furs. As well as the intriguing use of lined rubber. Exciting new textures and shapes celebrate the French flair as well as working towards creating a connection between flamboyant indulgence and timeless simplicity. Deadly Ponies cleverly reference the lavish French court whilst paying homage to Marie Antoinette and the conflict that dominated that period.

Be sure to arm yourself with a touch of pomp this season.

P.s every piece of the ‘Pompernickel’ range purchased in-store includes Deadly Ponies charm lock! 

Words by Ruby Hamilton for Sisters and Co.

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