When selfish just seems right- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

I can't help but love Kimmy. I love her boldness and give-a-damn attitude, which means she's become the name she has today. Every time to makes a move, the internet and Twitter run wild. The launch of her latest book has been no exception. She's just a got a way of making people react.

This book of hers says it all- Selfish. While I'm not the biggest fan of selfies, maybe because I feel self-conscious taking them of myself, Kim Kardashian loves them. So much so, she has worked with publisher Rizzoli to create this book of selfies- all of herself of course. What I love is the absurd honesty of it - she loves herself and she's celebrating it. Good on you Kim.

When I was recently in the UK, I heard a radio interview with music phenomenon Sam Smith. The interviewer asked of all the celebrities he's seen and met, who did he feel was the most stunning. He said Kim Kardashian and I can believe it. She's got an x-factor, despite her critics not wanting to admit it.

Though I hailed the end of the The Sun newspaper page 3 girls last week, the very sexy, shot of Kim that adorns Selfish's cover seems apt. I won't be getting a selfie pole any time soon, but I respect Kim's love of herself, even if it is a bit selfish.


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