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Frozen- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

There's something so much more satisfying about winter fashion. That comment may seem incongruous (and ungrateful) as New Zealand basks in the summer sun, but I'm currently holidaying in the frozen climes of the United Kingdom and I have to find something to brag about.

The Dolce and Gabbana winter window in London's Old Bond Street is a case in point. Featuring a banquet table overflowing with rich and beautiful foods, flavours, colours and textures, it's a great metaphor for the winter wardrobe. Winter allows for opulence, sumptuous textures and a many-layered approach to dressing.

Here in the UK right now the penchant for fur is evident. Chunky cable knits, as well as flowing, generous woollens in the form of capes and long fine jumpers are features. Thigh-high boots are the footwear of the day and large floral prints and clashing patterns and textures keep things interesting. Gillets are also in.

The thing is that winter dressing allows for excess and greediness- you can layer and wear many looks in one go. I've enjoyed my time of chilly winter dressing so much over the last couple of weeks that I've been wearing two coats- a parka style coat to beat the wind, with my H Brand black, floppy fur over the top. Bracing the cold has been well worth it, just for the fashion.

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