In the Mix- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

Mixing high glamour with the ultimate in casual, this cover with Giselle Bundchen for January Vogue Australia, out today, shows with fashion you can have it all.

Fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier captured this image with styling by fashion director Christine Centenera- a Chanel haute couture dress, incongruously matched with a vintage denim jacket.

I recently invested in a J Brand denim jacket and I haven't looked back. It's one of the most faithful wardrobe items you can possess, and just like on this cover, it works all sorts of magic. It allows you to pull out your prettiest on a casual day (though very few of us can profess to owning Chanel haute couture), just because you feel like it.

Find a denim jacket that fits you like a glove and it will be your summer passport bringing out your best on an everyday basis. You'll find your wardrobe suddenly opens like a flower: that dress you'd only ever reserved for parties, suddenly seems daytime with your jacket and flats.

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