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Trail Blazing- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

It's so thrilling to see that blazers aren't going away. Neither is androgyny. I'm a personal fan of both, whether it be in the form of full suiting, with manish loafers to boot, or a boyfriend shirt with oversized timepiece.

The manstyle look of the time is empowering- even if it's just because we can! Walking out in masculine structures and styles, but with a feminine twist (like the Beau Coops for Karen Walker Boystack loafers in pink) still says 'woman', with emphasis on the 'man'.

Some might wonder why we might feel the need to take inspiration from the male world of fashion, but I enjoy the blurring of lines and play on gender when it comes to the sartorial stakes. Wearing the pants feels good and impacts of your day, how you carry yourself and what impression that evokes. I also like the caricature nature of it. Playing with image and how that impacts on your own mood and that of those around you is what fashion is all about.

We were privileged enough to have a sneak peek at Juliette Hogan's next collection, due to hit Sisters in February. There's the most luxurious grey suit in the collection - chic and understated - it says it all, without any exertion.

I also love this latest shot of Crystal Renn for the catalogue El Palacio Hierro Holiday 2014. The incongruity between her feminine luminosity and the tailored three-piece man suit and bow tie is captivating.



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