Investment dressing is the way to go- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

Treat your wardrobe like an investment. It will pay dividends in the end.

There's certainly a place for disposable fashion, if it's something you're just giving a go and that's really trend rather than style driven.

But 99% of the time, when you buy clothes, you need to be asking yourself these five questions:

  1. Is this something I adore?
  2. Is it of the best quality I can possibly afford?
  3. Should I wait until I can afford something of better quality?
  4. Are there other items in my wardrobe that will work with this piece? Or is there something I need to invest in at the same time to really make it sing?

My theory, after many years of shopping (I certainly qualify as a professional at it by now), is that having a few exceptional items that work well together is far better than a wardrobe full of sartorial orphans.

It's easy to go into a high street store and splurge on lots of cheaper, momentary feel-good items. But they'll plague you with 'what to wear?' anxiety because nothing goes together or feels bright and shiny after the first wash.

I have plain black tops in which I invested 9 years ago - I have worn them to death, washed and tumble dried them over the over and they look and wear as good as new. That's what you get when you buy quality. If nothing else, just think of the positive environmental impacts of buying better.

I often look to Europe, places like Paris and Rome, where women often opt for classic styles (shirts, tailored trousers) rather than trend-driven pieces. These classic individual items are designer and high quality- and they look it. Women present polished, put together and confident. They may not have wardrobes overflowing with items, but the items they have look and feel beautiful.


So next time you go shopping, really think about what it is you're buying and why. Make your purchases meaningful and for the long term. Your wardrobe is an investment.




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