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Blurred Lines- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

When the boundaries between fashion and art blur, magic happens. It's a sight to revel in. 

We can all be far too worried about what other people think of us- that goes for me too, and it goes when it comes to fashion.

True leaders in fashion, the original ones who pave the way for sartorial new discoveries, are always following an instinct to be different- to depart from the norm and from what's already cool. That takes guts. The eccentric fashion icons of the globe- Iris Apfel, Anna Piaggi, Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood - to name a few, inspire me to branch out.


So when it comes to clothing ourselves, it's an opportunity to branch out, to try something different, unexpected or that might seem strange at first. Fashion should challenge, even in the smallest way, whether that be with a new shape of jacket or pant, a colour or print of the moment, or a flat rather than a heel.


Finding something new to wear, something you wouldn't ordinarily choose, can make you feel brand new. We go through stages of loving particular styles. But retreating to the privacy of a changing room can be a whole journey rediscovery and adventure in terms of your personal style.


If you've always wondered what those drop crotch pants might look or feel like, put yourself out of your misery and try them out. You may discover a new you, a new attitude, because fashion does that - it draws out different parts of your personality on any given day.


As the amazing Bill Cunningham recently documented in his famous On The Street feature for the New York Times, the Japanese designers Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe at Paris Fashion Week made clothes that were like sculptures and wearable art. In fact Junya Watanabe took direction from Russian Constructivist paintings of the 1920s with clothes made from triangles and circles and other shapes.


If we can't have fun with fashion, then we can't have fun with anything. The problem is gaining acceptance from others who like to conform. But who cares about that anyway?! We must be brave when it comes to our sartorial choices and embrace the opportunity to surprise ourselves and others with those choices.

Fashion is special to me for its ability to transform, so give it a chance to make you feel like new.

Photo credits: www.ddranchwear.com, metro.co.uk, getty, metro.co.uk, New York Times Magazine

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