Bringing sexy back- Natalie Bridges for Sisters & Co

In case you hadn't noticed, backless is in- both in casual wear and more formal attire.

 Whether it's sporty jumpers with backless details to be worn over jeans with sneakers, or attention grabbing open-back dresses, the trend applies across the spectrum.


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I often get disappointed with clothing where all the attention has been given to making the front look spectacular, only to see that there's nothing going on for those walking behind you. So I love this trend that reveals a surprise as you turn and walk away. This has special impact when a dress is created to almost seem innocent, even conservative, at the front, only to reveal a more daring side to the wearer's personality at the back.

But many feel that a barrier to wearing such items is the difficulty of finding suitable underwear. Worry no more. There are plenty of options when it comes to backless dressing now. Forget the boob tape and transparent bra straps too. In fact, lingerie and its appearance can become part of the look.


This is the case if you go for some of the lacey items readily available to make backless dressing even more chic. This lingerie is designed to be seen and peep out from beneath clothes. For the smaller busted among us, there are stunning lacey tank tops to be had.


Blogger Lani Says wearing Lonely Lingerie.

Bringing sexy back just got a whole lot easier.

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