Rodelle On: Winter Footwear

Despite the slow start to winter it's definitely coming, which brings me to one of my favourite subjects - the winter shoe!

So what's the word on the street for our winter season ahead? After much researching I have dug up the goods on what's hot and this is the news so far. Boots are long, heels are back, bling on your shoe is a must, buckles are big and everyone still loves a great ankle boot.

Miss Wilson | Flemming-Ink

Another key source for trends of the winter season is local shoe designer Emma Bidois from La Tribe, who is fizzing on her new product development "the belt for the boot''.

La Tribe | NY Pointed Boot 

The darling of shoes in New Zealand, Kathryn Wilson's winter collection embraces these trends with bling on her boots and heels with statement gold prism shaped heels on her ankle boots, chains and stars on flat boots and plaited leather and buckles on her boots and heels. Her collection embraces the colours of the season with olives, rich burgundy and navy and khaki suede.

Miss Wilson | Von Fury Loafter - Raisin

The trend of suede is not only big in bags this season, but also in shoes across most designers. The La Tribe suede Palm Spring bootie is a favourite with a comfy, flat ankle boot, which is great for casual wear, but also channelling the Kate Moss festival feel.

La Tribe | Palm Spring Boot


And exclusive to the Bay of Plenty is fashion super star Alexander Wang and his stunning winter shoe collection, which drops this week. The collection includes the famous Gabi boot, the Devon Espadrille and the infamous Lovisa Heel, which completes any evening outfit!

 Alexander Wang | Devon Espradrille 


So don't wait for the cooler weather - put your best foot forward this winter and make sure it's adorned with suede, bling and buckles!


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