Mothers Day Edit: 5 mins with Rachel Tempest

Whats your favourite thing about being a Mother?

Hard to pick just one…Top would probably be watching my children grow and change, and hearing their (often hilarious) take on how they see the world!!


Has your style changed since becoming a Mum?

Absolutely !! I don’t have the luxury of being able to take an hour to get ready anymore. My outfits have definitely taking a turn towards the smart casual but it means I really enjoy getting dressed up for an ocassion/event !!




Did you inherit any of your personal style from your Mum?

 No. I have always had my own ideas about what appeals and what doesn’t.


Whats the best piece of advice about Motherhood you could offer?

Love, support and encourage !! And practice what you preach!!


Whats on your Wishlist for Mothers Day this year?

 My children give me a massage every Mothers Day, complete with music and soft lighting…ha ha!! It’s quite funny as generally there’s a running argument going on as this ‘experience’ is taking place as they both feel the need to critique each other’s technique !!

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