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Mothers Day Edit: 5 mins with Claire Nicholson

We Took 5 minutes to chat with the Bay of Plenty business women - Claire Nicholson

Whats your favourite thing about being a Mother?
I love having a good laugh with my boys, celebrating their successes, sharing activities, big hugs and best of all when they tell me they love me.

Has your style changed since becoming a Mum?
My style has evolved as I moved through different phases of my boys lives and so has theirs. They now appreciate that Mum has reasonable taste and are quite happy to let me do their shopping! Maybe that has less to do with my style and more to do with - that way Mum pays?

Did you inherit any of your personal style from your Mum?
I would have to say it is the other way around. My Mum loves to visit when I am having a wardrobe cleanout. I love it when she turns up in something that was an old favourite of mine. I have also managed to get her to enjoy the odd facial manicure and pedicure.

Whats the best piece of advice about Motherhood you could offer?
Ecourage your kids to find their own way. During the journey they will make some mistakes, have some bad experiences and get their heart broken but as long as Mum is always there to support them and help put the pieces back togather again they will learn, become stronger and do well in the world.

Whats on your Wishlist for Mothers Day this year?
A relaxed day, a yummy meal that I haven’t had to do a thing for and big scrunchy hugs from my boys, Failing that I could manage with a luxury weekend at a gorgeous retreat!

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